Main Characters

Konstantin Päts
Prime Minister and War Minister of Estonia from 26.11.1918 to 8.05.1919. The most influential politician of interwar Estonia, Päts served five times as the country's head of state.
Edwyn Alexander-Sinclair
The Commander of the Royal Navy Squadron that supported Estonia from 24.11.1918 to 5.01.1919 during the War of Independence.
Johan Laidoner
Commander-in-Chief of the Estonian Armed Forces from 23.12.1918 to 26.03.1920, played an important role in bringing British Navy Squadron past the mine fields to Tallinn.
Bertram Sackville Thesiger
Commanding Officer of HMS Calypso, he was Rear Admiral Sinclair's deputy in the Baltic Sea.
Johan Pitka
A Sea Captain, he was a Commander-in-Chief of Estonian Navy from 21.12.1918 to 27.11.1919 who launched fruitful cooperation with Royal Navy Squadron in the Baltic Sea.